Rainbow Unicorn Cake Maker: Free Cooking Games

Download this cooking game and we can show you how to bake beautiful rainbow unicorn cakes step by step. There are total 10 kinds of cakes, everyone is so beautiful and lovely, you are free to choose anyone of them to bake.


Magic Rainbow Unicorn Foods ❤ Dream Desserts!

Go travel to the rainbow magic land to explore yummy rainbow unicorn foods! Such as rainbow grilled cheese, unicorn cotton candy, ice cream rolls, marshmallow wands, and the fantastic rainbow latte!


Crazy Foods Cooking: World Travel ❤Make Food Games

Let’s go travel with foodie to exploring world yummy foods! Such as Japanese cherry blossom jelly, American hot dogs, Mexican taco, Italian pizza, and my favorite food Chinese sweet dumplings!


Street Fry Foods Cooking Games

Look! Some of food vans over there and many people queue up for their delicious fried foods! Such as blooming onions, nachos, chips, popcorn chickens, and the most popular corn dogs.


VIP Movie Night Food Party: Make Delicious Foods!

Let’s have a crazy movie night party and make tons of yummy foods!


Breakfast Food Recipe 2!

Come with me to my romantic home kitchen and I will teach you how to make a wonderful French breakfast! We will cook corn flakes, omellette, fried eggs & bacon, waffles and my favorite chocolate croissant!


Birthday Cake Design Party - Bake, Decorate & Eat!

We can bake and design the coolest birthday cakes at this party! Such as mirror cake, unicorn birthday cake, rainbow shortcake and the hottest strawberry watermelon cake!

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Smoothie Maker - Kids Cooking Games

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack time are all perfect times to drink a smoothie! These cool, yummy treats are full of fresh fruits that give them tasty flavors and make them healthy to eat.

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You Can Cook - Milkshake Chef

Snap a selfie and play chef. Choose from hundreds of flavors of ice cream, syrups and sodas to make the ultimate sweet drink. Mix up some for your best friends and family.

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Candy Apple - Fair Food Maker

Make your very own tasty candy apple in this exciting cooking game.

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Delicious Tale: Candy Apple Maker's Adventure

Become the beautiful princess Snow White and use her skills in the kitchen to create sweet foods. If you cook just right, your food will help save the day!


Sweet Pizza Shop - Cooking Fun

It’s pizza time! The smell of hot, fresh pizza makes everyone’s tummy rumble in hunger. Here we go. Run your own pizza shop & be the best bakery chef, and everyone is excited to try your inventions.


Cake Pop Maker - Fun Cooking Tale

With Cake Maker, you can run your own virtual bakery and create any kind of cake you can dream of! Bake tasty, sweet treats from scratch, starting with the best ingredients and ending with an amazing cream topping you decorate yourself.


SUPER Hot Dog Food Truck!

Is there a more perfect street food than the hot dog? Become the ultimate hot dog chef! Jump on your hot dog truck & business will bump!

Street Food Stand Cooking Game

A street fair is a perfect place to experience street food. Think you have what it takes to get customer’s mouths happy with your cooking in Street Food!


Carnival Fair Food Maker

A carnival fair is a perfect place to experience yummy foods. Experience the Fun of the Fair with Fair Food Maker!

Rainbow Cake Bakery

Welcome to the Rainbow Cake Bakery Shop! Here we can make various rainbow desserts together! Such as rainbow donuts, rainbow cupcake, and my favorite rainbow shortcake!


Breakfast Food Maker! Kids Girl Chef Cooking Game

Good morning everyone! Let’s start the beautiful day with yummy breakfast!


Frozen Rainbow Ice Pops & Ice Cream Cooking Games

Have you heard the gossip? Everyone is talking about the Popsicle Pool Party – the hottest party of the summer! And now you and all of your friends are invited to come to this party and have fun together!


Candy Maker Factory

Last week we received an invitation from the Magic Candy Land! The manager of the Magic Candy Land invited us to have a crazy candy factory one-day-tour!


Donut Maker - Cooking Games!

Here comes the best Donut Party! Tie on your apron and come fry up some warm, delicious donuts!