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Summer Beach Food Party

What type of food is the best for a hot summer beach party? Yep! It must be the sweet ICE CREAM and the frozen SNOW CONES! Come on down and make all sorts of yummy frozen desserts. 

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Hot Dog Maker - Street Food Game

Is there a more perfect street food than the hot dog? A hotdog is a neatly wrapped item that is easy to eat on the go. It can be as simple as adding a bun and a little ketchup or more complex.

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Snow Cone Maker - Summer Fun

It's hot! Oh it's a HOT Summer! Don't you feel like you're missing something? Something totally Icy?  Our Snow Cone Princess could offer you the magic Snow Cone in our newly released app - Snow Cone Maker.   

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Donuts Maker - Sweet Cooking Games

Donuts are the best! They’re great for breakfast or a snack. There’s nothing you cannot do with a warm, tasty donut, so what are you waiting for? Learn how to make your own!


My Dream Donut Shop: Be a chef

It’s a sweet, sweet world in this donut themed cooking game where you rule the dessert world!


Fast Food Burger Kitchen Chef

With warm, juicy meat, gooey melt-in-your-mouth cheese, and crisp lettuce and veggies, a hamburger always hits the spot. It’s the perfect finger food that fills you up and never lets you down! 


Slushy! - Make Crazy Drinks

You can bask in the summer glory all year round with this awesome SLUSHY MAKER! It’s hot! Here comes a new FREE slushy maker for you! Now you can make your own slushies in Spring, Winter, Summer & Fall!

Ice Cream Soda! - Free Icey Cooking Games

Ice cream float party time! Not much in life beats a tasty ice cream soda float! Except for over 20 flavors of ice cream and soda! Can you make the creamiest and yummiest combinations ever?


Soup Maker - Cooking Game

The very FIRST soup maker on the app store! Make soups just the way you love them! Now you don’t need a can opener! Just download today and start playing! Add fun ingredients and watch your ingredients swirl around as you enjoy!

Princess! Fair Food Tea Party

It’s your turn to be a cooking princess in this exciting, fair food themed game where you’re the best chef at the fairgrounds!