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My Sweet Cotton Candy Shop

What’s tastier than fluffy, sugary, so-much-fun-to-eat cotton candy? Ever wanted to make your own fairy floss? Of course you have, it would be more wonderful to have cotton candy shop around the carnival! 

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Birthday Cake - Sweet Dessert

Birthday party is the sweetest party of the year!
Birthday cake is the sweetest dessert in the party!

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Mexican Food! Cooking School

Be the best Mexican food chef in this fun cooking game featuring food from the beautiful country of Mexico!    

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Frosty Ice Cream! Icy dessert

Who doesn’t love ICE CREAM? That cold… sugary taste on your tongue… Aren’t you the biggest fan of ice cream EVER?! 


Deep Fry Maker - Street Food

The sights and smells at the carnival keep you coming back year after year. Your nose leads you to the best fair food. It’s time to get cooking up some tasty street food at your local carnival!


Dream Wedding Party Food Chef

Woodwork, painting, electrical, plumbing, and more. My services might be varied, but they all come with the same promise of quality, dedication, and durability......


Snow Cone Designer: Food Chef

It’s hot! Oh it’s HOT in here! Don’t you feel like you’re missing something? Something totally awesome? Something REFRESHINGLY COLD??!

Cupcake Bakery Shop

Want to have a shop? It's not a dream anymore! 
Now you become a great bakery chef and have your own sweet bakery shop!


Ice Cream 2 - Frozen Desserts

Summer vacation is coming! Come with us to make and sell delicious ice-creams in the street with our ice-cream cart! No one could resist the yummy creations we made!

Hot Chocolate! Delicious Drink

Is there any better drink than hot chocolate in the winter? It warms you up from your head to your toes and tastes great! Chocolate lovers rejoice as it’s time to make your own hot cocoa!