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Japanese Food Maker - Sushi and more!

Ready to make some tasty Japanese food? Your favorite Japanese cuisine is here for you to try your hand at making. Get cooking up your favorite foods and impress your friends! 

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Gummy Candy Maker

It’s time for gummy fun in this DIY cooking game where you can create all sorts of gummy candy! Start by creating your own gelatin mix in various flours and colors.

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BBQ Maker - Barbeque Fun!

Chicken Skewers, Stick, Lamb Chops, Sausage…Feeling hungry? Now come to our BBQ Party! Food is waiting!

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Maker - Snow Cone! 2: Icey Rainbow Party

Have you ever dreamed of making your own delicious sweet treats – like amazingly delectable snow cones? Of course, sweet desserts make summer days even more fun, especially when you can decorate both frozen and unfrozen treats in cool, exciting ways! 


Fruit Juice Maker - Kids Cooking Games

Hey kids! What’s better than drinking cool, refreshing fruit juice on a hot summer’s day? Ever wanted to make your own fruit juice? Of course you have! 


Brownie Maker - Chocolate Fever! Cooking Game

It's time for dessert! Cook some sweet and yummy chocolate treats with Brownie Maker, a fun baking game for kids! 


Breakfast Maker- Kids Cooking Game

Kids! It’s time for breakfast! Crispy toast covered in lovely jam, delicious poached eggs and fluffy pancakes!


Alice Tea Party in Wonderland - Fairy Tale Cake

Are you ready for a tea party with Alice and her friends? Well, you better get ready for a zany and magical time! Bake up some tasty treats to keep everyone happy in this fairy tale cooking game!


Chinese Food Panda Chef - Kids Cooking Games

Skip the Chinese restaurant and make your own Asian foods! In this food maker game, you take your cooking skills to the next level and learn how to make these tasty foods from home. 


French Fries Maker - American Food Cooking Game

Fast food and street food collide in this exciting food making app! Who doesn’t love a tasty French fry? Give your cooking skills a whirl as you take on making gourmet French fries that please all.