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Lunch Box Maker : School Food!

Choose foods that are healthy for a great way to feel good! This game is designed for KIDS to help kids learn all the different food choices there are for a great school lunch!

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School Lunch 2 : Lunch Box Maker!

Make a FUN school Lunch and show off to all your friends how awesome your lunch is!

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Donut Bites Maker - Kids Cooking Games

Not a Cake Bite. Not a Cake Pop. Its a DONUT BITE!
Finally! A fantastic Donut Maker that is let’s you creatively design donut holes just the way you like them! 

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Cake Pop Cooking!

Start with some flour and sugar and milk. Mix it all up and find the craziest wackiest stick to match!
Dip it in some sugary frosting and add some sprinkles! YUMMMM


American Food - Backyard Cooking Games!

Try your hand at cooking up some fun American street food in this backyard-themed cooking game. You’ll get the chance to cook six different snacks in this exciting game.


Cookie Dough Bites Maker

Cookie Dough Bites Maker let's you make tons of Cookie Dough Bites! Chocolate covered chocolate chip cookie dough frozen into delicious little dessert balls!


Italian Food - Delicious Cooking!

Nothing beats a good Italian recipe. Hot and tasty pasta, warm pizza with cheese and tomato sauce, cooked risotto with seafood, or a gooey panini with all the fixings. 


Candy House Maker - Kids Cooking Game

Sugar and Spice and everything nice! Make delicious candy house! Decorate it with Candy Canes! Peppermint Candies! Chocolate Chips! Frostings! Gum Drops!


Little Red Riding Hood Food - Fairy Tale Cupcake

Welcome to the enchanted forest…a place of wonder, and a place of fairies! This is where Little Red Riding Hood’s grandma lives…and today she’s going for a visit! 


My Coffee Break! Free food maker game

Science comes to the kitchen in this fun and educational coffee making game, where you’re the barista with a flair for the scientific.